LightBlue Bean Arduino “Cannot run programm” error

Hi Folks,

we bought a “LigtBlue Bean” from Punch Through Design  a few days ago and got some issues during the upload process with the Arduino IDE. I followed all previous installation steps on the LightBlue Bean “Getting started” page and used the newest Arduino IDE from version 1.7.7. Did the same steps on both systems Win and Mac with the Arduino version 1.7.7.

During the compile I got following error message on my Windows 10 environment and my Mac OS X 10.11.1 environment. On both systems the same error :/

Arduino: 1.7.7 (Windows 8.1), Platine: "LightBlue Bean"
Cannot run program "{}/bin/avr-g++": CreateProcess error=2, File not found


What to do now?

How you can see, I used the Arduino version 1.7.7 from At this state I don’t know what the real problem was, have to do some further research. However, after I deinstalled the Arduino version 1.7.7 and deleted all files from my system I tried the Arduino IDE from in version 1.6.6.

Did all installation instructions from LightBlue Bean again and what happened? No more build errors, on both systems!!!

If you get the same error like me, use the Arduino IDE 1.6.6 from and delete all previous versions from your system (Don’t forget to save your Sketches and Projects before delete all). 🙂


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